Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Mustaches & Monocles....oh my!

Whew, what a season.  
Somedays I wonder how I made it out alive. 
 (that was an attempt at humor)
Today is January 8th, 2013.
I started to write a blog a few weeks before Christmas, 
but time just got away from me.  

here is what I did have written from December 11th, 2012:

Christmas sheep
I thought I would take a few minutes out of this day for a visit.
We are busy, busy....busy at our house.  
As, I am sure, you are too.

Where to start?  
Al's barbershop Christmas sing-outs have started with a vengeance.  
And, of course, he woke up this morning with a scratchy throat.

He has events to sing at almost daily for the next two weeks.

Let's see...

today is the 11th....

Christmas is in 14 days..

yeah, that makes sense. 

Can you tell my skills are lacking?
I am an artist (some say), 
not a mathematician (all say).

So ...he is singing at The Continental Ballroom today for the lunch time.

This is Fred & his friend Abel. They are quite a pair, don't you think?

My friend Fred is taking a group
 over for the lunch buffet there today.
Good food, good company...good music.

My wall space at Artworks Gallery.

That's it.
That is as far as I got.  

We have so much to talk about.

Where to start.... 
where to start?
This is our favorite 4 year old making cookies for her folks for Christmas.
December had some sweet, 
wonderful memories in it & 
it had some hard times, 

First of all let's talk about business...

Business is good!

The month of December was definitely a good one for Sherrill Studios.

Three paintings were sold! 
Sold out of the Artworks Gallery.

Shipped out to Texas.

Sold out of Art In Hand Gallery.
and untold millions (a stretch...maybe) 
of clay figures were sold.

This is a penguin dressed as Batman.  
Check out his little utility belt and six pack.

December was just beyond chocked full of things to do 
and things that had to be done, ya know?  
I went into complete overload several times.

We attended our favorite four 
year old's Christmas program.
The little boy behind her was unhappy.  
She kept trying to shush him (she was not successful, btw).

I started selling clay mustaches and monocles at the 
Pepperwhistle Restaurant.  Go check them out.

This is Michael West
"Baker Extraordinaire" 

Chad West
"Super-duper souffle chef"...seriously!

Al needed to try out the new top hat,
so why not throw on a monocle, too?

(The mustache is his)

Go there & eat.
Good stuff.
My favorite is the Jester souffle. 

On December 16th 
I took pictures at the wedding of 
Brad & Candy Hensley. 

That was quite an enjoyable day.  

L & I got to make a trip to Easy Acres 
see the man in the big red suit. 
The Big L giving her list to her favorite man.

Meanwhile at Rural King...

Under the heading of Crazy things...
There are some things that you just never see 

unless it is the Christmas season.  
Like this poor burro.  
I kind of felt sorry for him.  
He was standing there by the popcorn machine, 
wearing a hat and to add insult to injury, 
there was a poodle on his back (also wearing a hat).
Only in Kokomo, Indiana.

Christmas Eve was a wonderful time.  
Al & I went to the candlelit service at our church. 
It was just beautiful.  
We sang Christmas hymns & were 
reminded of the true meaning of the season.
As we drove home on that cold quiet evening,
I remembered my grandparents 
and how much I missed them at this time of the year. 
I also thought about how grateful I was for my life and the people in it.  

Christmas came right on time.
Just as expected.
Presents were opened.  
Food was eaten. 

Naps were taken.

My brother Matt opening his gift.
It was quite a day.  
And then it was over for another year.
After thinking of my Grandparents and 
how they had played key roles in my life, it made me
wonder if I would hold that same place 
in my Grandchildren's hearts.

I hope so.

Being a Grandparent gives us a second chance 
to make a difference in a child's life.

Me and my barrel of Grandmonkeys.
I took the winter portion of Johnna's seniors pictures.
Her Boy Eric came along for the session.

And now for the bittersweet part of my December.
There are a group of people who I have known forever.  
We went to school together, 
hung out together in each other's homes 
and shared births of babies as well as tragedies.

Evidently we have reached that age where 
we now will be sharing the loss of our parents.
I didn't really realize this fact until just a few months ago.  
There have been several losses in just the last few weeks.

When we were kids our parents were people 
who would be there with us forever. 
It was just a given.
Now we are having to face the fact that they are going to 
leave us at one point or another, 
whether we are ready for it to happen or not.  

Since I was the first born in my family, 
my parents are only 20 years older than me.  
Some of my friends have parents who are older 
and are dealing with the challenges 
of their parent's needs, now.  

Anna's parent's were my grandparent's age.  
The Flynns were wonderful people who opened their home 
to me and to many other of their children's friends.  
I will remember them fondly for the rest of my life. 
Anna has lost both of her parents and her brother in a year.  
Anna is strong.
Because she had to be strong.

I am so glad that she had the time with her mom that she had.
90 years old & opening presents.

Al's quartet got to sing for Gladys' 90th party.

Will I be as strong when I have to deal with these things?
I hope so.
I am just not ready.  
Are we ever?

So, there it is.  
The highs and the lows of my 2012 Christmas season.
I wonder what this year will bring?

My best to you and yours.
See you soon.



  1. I LOVE the petal in the snow pic... Beautiful...

    1. That petal fell off of the coffin when we were out at the new London Cemetery. I took a few photos there of Anna's brother and his friends and then I noticed the petal in the snow.