Sunday, December 2, 2012

Makin' hay while the sun shines

My corner at 525 W. Rickets Street in Kokomo, IN.  This is the place for your cowboy purchases.

Well, here we are again in the month of December.
This year went by quickly, didn't it?

When I was a kid, this time of year took FOREVER to come.  
As an adult it seems to come around every third month.


I feel the need to point out a few things that have changed regarding Christmas, since I was a child.

First of all, we didn't own electronic gadgets like we do today.

Cell phones?..........nope
(just the paper kind)
I played in the house with my sister & our dolls.

I also played outside in the barn. 
There was dirt, 
hay, cats, horses, 
assorted germy stuff, 
horse manure...etc..

I grew up in the sixties and the seventies.  
I had a record player. 
I wanted an eight track player, 
but my father said I didn't NEED one.
I still remember the first time I saw a cassette tape.  
It belonged to Tim Davis.  
I was in complete awe of his ownership. 

Our TV (in a wood cabinet) had three major channels 
and one of us kids had to turn the knob 
because my dad was tired from work.

We had a phone with a cord that attached it to the wall. 
The phone was my parent's phone and 
they let me know how long and when I could be on it.  
I remember clearly getting caught 
talking on it closed in my mother's closet. 

But, I digress....

I distinctly remember having Halloween, 
Thanksgiving and THEN CHRISTMAS as a child.
Christmas did not start six months before December 25th.

I feel like this Christmas kind of snuck up on me this time, ya know?

Some day soon, I will talk about my memories of those holidays. 
I promise. 

But today I need to talk business.
Christmas business. 

Serious Christmas Business. 

Dad & I at a mounted riding show a year or two ago.
As my famous father (Joe Scott) 
has said to me on many occasions,
"Sis, you have to make hay while the sun shines!"

I am daddy.  

I am.

The first picture that you saw on today's blog is my spot at Santa's Workshop.  
I would like to invite you to come on over to 525 West Ricketts Street in Kokomo, IN.  Check out everyone's wares & buy from local artisans.  
It is a nice set up, for sure.

Then, we need to talk about the Artworks Gallery 
at 210 N. Main., Kokomo, IN.  
I have a display there and would love to have 
you come out to look at our Gallery dressed for Christmas.  
My new African animal paintings are on display and available for purchase.
I also have handmade Christmas cards and some clay figurines for sale.

And then we need to talk about the ART IN HAND Gallery at 211 S. Main, Zionsville, IN.  I have a wall space of paintings available for purchase 
all of these crazy little Polymer clay figurines 
that I have just started making.
Kitty ornaments - about the size of golf balls 

Santa ornaments- about 1 1/2 inches tall

Snowmen ornaments- about 2 inches tall

and more snowmen

Dinos ornaments - about 2 inches tall

and some more Dinos

Penguin ornaments 

and more penguins ornaments

Lion ornament - about 2 inches tall

Elephant ornament - about 2 inches tall

Sheep ornament - about two inches tall

You can Never have enough penguins.... 

This is for my friend.  She has a nephew returning from overseas.  
I designed this for him. It is about three inches tall.
After I baked it I painted "Welcome Home" 
and his name on it.  It's in the mail now.

Snake, octopus and a teddy bear ornaments.

Reindeer ornaments 

Baby chick ornaments - golf ball size

Gator ornament - about 3 inches long

Elephant ornaments - about 2 inches tall 
And of course, bacon.
How can it be Christmas without bacon?

It is really funny how many orders of bacon (4 strips at a time) 
I have sold.  I have a translucent clay 
that I use now and it gives the bacon
 a very life like look.
(I'll post a picture of that soon)

Talk about a cottage industry!  
I had just learned how to work 
with this clay a few 
weeks ago 
sales have taken off.  
I can't make them fast enough.
I talk to God at night in my prayers
(don't you?)
and I bet I am 
the only one praying about clay bacon. 

So maybe the title for this should be 
Makin' bacon while the sun shines...  

If you are reading this and would like to order something, 
please just contact me on my blog and I will get back with you.  
If I need to mail your ornament(s) to you then 
I will quote you a price plus shipping and handling. 

OK, I will be back as soon as work will allow.  
Hang in there everybody.
See you soon.  :)


  1. Great Blog! I love the ornaments, especially the reindeers! You are so clever and to think I have known you your entire life...who knew that inside the girl was an artist waiting to break free..

    1. Yeah,who knew? It was a for sure thing that I wasn't going to be an astrophysicist....

  2. I love the penguins! Absolutely love them!Which gallery are they at?I would love to come see them!Are they ornaments?Fill me in on the cost,how many etc.What a great blog,but I missed yesterdays and today's,because I didn't know about it.I will try to get there to see your know I love it....every last piece you do!Your talent grows by the second!See ya soon.

    1. Ronnie you are so nice. Thank you! I have these little ornament in each of the spots. I am sure that you would like the Santa House on Ricketts in Kokomo. They hold certain hours, though, so check the blog for the hours.

  3. Yep - ya make hay while the sun shines & the humidity matches the 110 degrees in the shade!!!

  4. Oh, my gosh yes! I can remember so many summers in the hay field with dad and the humidity was just un-Godly. The baler would ball up and stop working and there we would be out in the middle of the field trying to fix it. AND there was a time issue because of the thunderstorm rolling in from the west.