Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Carrots,rutabagas & dinosaurs....oh my

Our newest grand baby.

Good morning to all 
on this fine fall day.  
It is earlier in the day than this Grandma is used to.

Our favorite oldest grand daughter stayed the night, last night.

So many memories came flooding back to me.  
Little hands and feet with big ideas.  
Busy all the time.
The world is completely new, through those little eyes.
I love all of the wondrous revelations that our three year old has for me to hear.

When you are a mother of little people (in the trenches), 
it can be so hard.  
It seems that everybody always needs something...all the time.  
But regardless of all the tantrums and trying times, 
there are the sweet little kisses and hugs, too.
Being a mom is the most important, rewarding 
frustrating job that we will ever have. 

You can't wait for them to grow up, 
but then when they do this sweet time is gone.
I read this morning something that really made me think. 
Remember that what we say to our children now
will someday be their inner voice.

So, here we are at an hour that I rarely see 
now that I don't have anyone to take care of 
(other than Al). 

Leia is watching PBS and eating her Rice Crispies. 
I have read the newspaper and drank my coffee 
Al is snoring quietly on the couch.
I am so blessed.   

Yesterday we drove down to Zionsville to deliver 
the newest batch of Christmas ornaments.  
It was a great trip.
I wanted to show you some pictures of one of my 
favorite places to go down there.  
We went to the Traders Point Creamery for lunch. 

I bet after the first few pictures...
you'll know why it's my favorite place.
Look at this little guy!  Isn't he great?  He's teething on the hose. 

Check out the baby (left of center).

Lunch time!

I love her curves...

The food was great, too.  

Giant grilled cheese with bacon & seasoned chips.

A fritz.
Which was a wrap with greens, chicken & mushrooms.
It came with roasted carrots and rutabagas.
I never thought I would say that I ate a rutabaga, but I did. 

Cheese room

Well, it's time for this grandma to get ready to go to the studio.  
If you want to drop by, I'll be at 210 North Main until 2 pm today.

Don't forget, Christmas is coming.
Support your local merchants & artisans.
I know THIS artisan would appreciate it.

My love to all.  
Have a great day.

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