Sunday, November 18, 2012

Catching up on a Sunday afternoon...

Well, hello strangers!  
I hope that everyone is well.  
It has been busy, busy, busy here at the Temby place.

To catch you up...

We have a new grand baby
she's beautiful (of course). 
She is 3 weeks old now and I could not be happier! 
Evelyn Grace Campbell, welcome to our family!
I Love you.

Christopher & Lisa Dzierla had their baby.
William is a beautiful little man.  
I appreciate the family letting me take his newborn shots.
I have really enjoyed taking photos of this family's big life moments.

My niece, Brittni had her baby girl Pheonix, the week before Mary's baby came. 
Mary insisted on going to Elkhart, Indiana to see her new cousin, 
so I went, too.  
I took a clean sheet and a pair of scissors. 
(in case we needed to deliver a baby on the way)
we had 5 more days 
and didn't know it...


Al and I get to hang out a little more.

we took my mom 
out to lunch at the orchard on St. Rd. 31 up past Peru.
Here's Al being silly at the Christmas display.

We had just finished saying to each other that morning that Christmas shopping is pushed on us too early.  
We had a wonderful lunch with my mom 
and then went up to the gift shop 
where we were totally immersed in Christmas stuff.
It was just a few days past Halloween, for John's sake.

Trees everywhere

Upside down trees, too.

It was overwhelming, for sure.

But, hey...
I am getting off of subject.
Back to things that I have been up to since I last blogged. 

I took Sally's photo's for Fred (her caretaker).  
She is a great dog with an old soul.  She is such a sweetheart. 
I also painted an oil painting for Fred.  
I will post that later 
as I don't know how it get the photo 
of it off of my new "smart phone".
(Which by the way...behooves me) 
btw: that is where baby Evelyn's photo is, too

Let's see...
then I took photo's for my 
Aunt & Uncle's 50th Anniversary.


This tree is at 211 S. Main St., Zionsville, IN

 And now I am working on small clay ornaments for the tree at the ART in HAND Gallery in Zionsville, IN. 
I wasn't sure what to make for this tree, 
but I tripped upon a group working 
in polymer clay while visiting Kentucky 
and decided to give it a try.

I took a group of about 15 figurines less than a week ago.  
I am tickled to say that they are selling!  
I have sold almost all of the original group 
I am taking a new group tomorrow. 
Yes, there are strips of bacon ornaments, thanks for asking...

I am so blessed.  

Next, I need to get ready for the 
Santa's Workshop here in Kokomo.
I have a commissioned painting to get to.

Life moves pretty fast around here...if you don't watch out you could miss it.
We will talk again soon.
Goodnight, my friends.

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