Saturday, January 26, 2013

Noodles....and Grandma's house

Good morning, my friends.

Welcome to my little corner of the world.
I hope this morning finds you healthy and in a warm place.
I am "reporting" in from Zionsville, today.

Originally I wasn't scheduled to work 
(can you call this work?) 
in the 
ART IN HAND Gallery today. 

But, my day to day life path has taken a jog and here I am.

A few weeks ago I decided to take a "real" job 
in addition to 
my Sherrill Studios business.

I was concerned about being able to stay in the Galleries 
due to my work schedule, but it has worked itself out.

You can still find me in the 
(210 N. Main, Kokomo, IN)
on Tuesdays.  
And I will be working assorted weekend days 
in the ART IN HAND Gallery
(211 S. Main, Zionsville, IN). I am.  
I thought I would set down for a minute 
and get this done before I paint. 

On my way to Zionsville this morning 
I stopped in Hortonville to visit the "girls". 

If you know me, you know that I have a "thing" about cows.

These beautiful ladies had been milked 
(about 4:30 in the morning) 
already and were waiting on their hay. 
I so enjoyed seeing them in their environment, 
the worn wood and their huge dark eyes. 
SO many textures.  
My father would say that those lovely ladies were as slick and fat as moles.
They are well taken care of.

For me, this is home.
As a kid I spent more time in this environment 
than in the house.  Of course we had horses instead, but the
smells and sounds take me back to another time.
Kind of like noodles and Grandma's house.....
Sounds crazy, huh?

We didn't have cows (don't think I didn't beg for them).
My dad grew up hand milking more than a dozen cows twice a day.  
He was NOT interested, 
thanks for asking.

After I finish this blog I am going to go paint on my newest painting.  
I stopped working on this last fall when 
my 4 yr old grand daughter asked me 
why the donkey was looking at tomatoes.

Hey, if a preschooler thinks those apples are tomatoes...
then you as an artist are in trouble.
So today I am going to work at fleshing out this painting 
and making those apples more appropriately shaped.

I finished this guy a few evenings ago.  
I am going to hang him in the Gallery here in Zionsville. 
Chin Whiskers
 oil painting
16 X 12 inches before framing

 Now that I work during the day at my "real job", 
painting has to happen in the evenings 
and when time permits on the weekends.
I am going to have to learn how to use my time wisely.
Did I just hear my mother's words coming out of my mouth?  
Oh my gosh....was I really listening to her?
Popcorn Sutton
oil painting
8X10 before framing

 I am also going to put this painting in the Gallery in Zionsville. 
This gentleman's name is Popcorn Sutton.  
I saw a documentary on moonshiners and 
found myself wanting to paint him a few summers ago.
Mr. Sutton is now deceased.  

Well if I am going to get any painting done, I had better get at it.
I want to leave you with this thought.

Today is what we make of it.  
Not everyone was given the 
opportunity to wake up today.
Use this day to it's fullest.  
It was a gift.

See ya!

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