Sunday, April 14, 2013

Horse poop & whiskers on a colt.

Hangin out at Great Grandma's house.

Hey, I'm back!

Hope things are going well with you.

I "missed" the whole month of March.
We have so much to catch up on.
As my mother would say

Yes, it does.
And it's up to us as to how we use it.
That in itself can be a large burden somedays.
It's a lot of responsibility.

Today I am writing this while setting with the Zionsville Gallery.  It is a beautiful sunny day, but a little chilly.
Spring in Indiana....go figure.

I am still working in a medical office four days a week
and it is kicking my butt.
Yes, I know that a LOT of people work a full five (gasp) days a week

they survive...
BUT(and that butt is getting smaller)

I am an...
almost 52 year old,
clay sculpting,
photo shooting,
treadmill walking,
grandbaby loving,
two gallery working,
(did I mention 30lb losing?!),
crazy, bleach blonde woman
WHO WANTS TO HAVE A WORKING STUDIO... example of grandbaby lovin'

Ok, I'm done.

My life is full.

My life is good.

Let's move forward, shall we?

Commissioned piece in progress.
I have a few things in progress, painting wise.
I am currently working on this barn.  
It is a little farther along than this, but this is the photo 
that I have with me to post.

I am also working on my North American Series.

Cougar painting in progress.

L is modeling for us today

 The mustache business is going like gangbusters.
I make mustaches on sticks (and now glasses, too) 
and sell them through 
Check this place out of facebook.
Good food.
Nice people.
Cute mustaches on sticks.


We had a nice quiet Easter this year.
Since Al & I have augmented our food intake 
(politically correct for dieting)
we opted out of having the big family meal this year.

We had a nice little egg hunt for the two oldest grandchildren.  
It was an adventure to be sure.
Asher had some issues with the concept of hunting for eggs.  
Then he had an issue with eating just the candy from his eggs. 
If Asher had been born an animal I think he would have been a racoon.
He is a true scavenger
in every sense of the word.
This is what a mouth full of M & Ms, foil covered eggs & a few little stones look like. 
I know this photo is huge, but that face is worth it, isn't it?

Of course Leia was very structured about opening her eggs.

My beautiful daughter and her children.

So, Easter was great.
Oh to see the world through a child's eyes.
It is absolutely the best thing on this good earth.

As you may know, I grew up on a farm outside of Russiaville, IN.
And in the springtime we have babies on the farm.  
My folks have been waiting on three mares to foal this Spring.
The first baby came this last Friday. She is a filly.
For those of you out of the farm loop 
a female is a filly 
a male is a colt. 

I wanted to take some pics and meet the new baby, 
so we loaded up the van and drove out to mom and dad's.
We stopped for Happy Meals on the way. 
It was safest to keep your hands away from his mouth.
Again, think racoon.

Checking on Great-Grandma's goldfish.

Here she is!

I will forever cherish this photo.  For several reasons.
 Leia looks a little stricken here for a reason.  
Her G-Granddad had called her into the stall 
and they had sat on a bucket
waiting for the colt to come & see them.  
Leia had never seen a horse defecate before 
and that took place 
about 10 seconds before this photo was shot.  
She looked at her mom and wanted to know what had just happened.  
After she got her answer she asked if they could please move away from it.  Funny stuff.

How did I get this shot?  Why sitting in the straw and horse manure, of course.  

I love whiskers on babies.

She has "frosting".

After our time in the barn baby Evey got to spend some time with her G-Grandma Scott.
She is becoming quite a social little person (Evey, that is).
Evey is about 6 months old now.

I have had a few photo shoots in the last month.  

I would like to share just a few of the Farrington shoot.  
It is always so much fun to shoot these kids.
Elizabeth & her mommy

And.......she's outta here

Isn't she great?

Drex was a joy to shoot.  He reminds me of his mom.

I have had a wonderful time catching up on things.  

Remember to support your local artist.
If you don't have one, then I'm always available.

See you again soon.